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I hear that when Rob Ford farts on the coast of Nova Scotia, it wipes out Europe.

—Sister, upon watching a documentary on the British coast on TVO

Whenever I write a paper for University, I use one of my action figures to intimidate inspire me.  This time it was Bane…

A sticky note message for every topic covered in the essay that pissed me off or made me want to throw my laptop at the wall.

Ragnarök this Saturday. Thor: the Dark World DVD release next week.
Damn it Loki!




“I’m a writer” I whisper as I look up war statistics

“I’m a writer” I whisper as I look up when the blender was invented

“I’m a writer” I whisper as I figure out how many times you can get shot without dying

“I’M A WRITER” I shout when someone uses my laptop and I left the page open to stab-wound references.

“I’M A WRITER!” I yell as I stare at a wall for hours instead of actually writing.

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